Welcome Reception

Date: Monday 8 June
Time: from 19:00
Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
Registration: Included in registration fee

SPNHC & ICOM NATHIST 2020 welcomes you to the Conference at the official Welcome Reception on the first evening of the event.

Join us for a great evening with welcome drinks, and a chance to mingle with colleagues and friends.

Emerging Professionals Luncheon

Date: Tuesday 9 June
Time: 12:00 – 13:30
Location: Appleton Tower
Registration: Included in registration fee

The Emerging Professionals Committee is geared toward early career individuals and students but does not specifically limit the group to a number of years in the profession.

The Emerging Professionals luncheon is a great opportunity to meet other students and early career colleagues who not only may work in similar areas to yours, but may also have the same questions and anxieties about joining the natural history profession.  This event will connect you with these colleagues and make you feel more confident as an emerging professional.

Ceilidh Night

Date: Tuesday 9 June
Time: from 18:30
Location: The Hub
Registration: £35 per ticket

This is a special event for the 2020 Conference, to give you a taste of local culture.  A Gaelic word for a casual party with music, dancing and entertainment, ceilidh (pronounced “kayley”) is the term commonly used to refer to Scottish country dancing.  Many of the steps, including the do-si-do and swing-your-partner moves are similar to those performed in American square dancing.  It’s more about fun than getting the steps right, but there is always a “caller” with the band, who leads everyone through each dance.  This is not a free event.  The cost covers the rental of the venue, dinner and the band.  Beverages will be available for purchase.

Sponsors’ Drinks Reception

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: 18:15 – 19:15
Location: McEwan Hall
Registration: Included in registration fee

The Sponsors Drinks Reception is a great way to connect with other professionals in a social setting.

Pub Quiz

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: from 20:00
Location: The Counting House
Registration: £25 per ticket

One SPNHC tradition is the Pub Quiz.  This consists of a visit to a pub or restaurant in the city where the conference is held for a trivia competition.  Questions range from facts about the city or country of the conference to of course, natural history.  This is not a free event.  The cost covers the rental of the venue and dinner.  Beverages will be available for purchase.

Conference Dinner

Date: Thursday 11 June
Time: from 18:30
Location: National Museum of Scotland
Registration: £75 per ticket

Delegates are invited to the SPNHC & ICOM NATHIST 2020 Conference Dinner which will be held at the National Museums of Scotland, one of the city’s most prominent landmarks.

The museum houses Scotland’s national collections, showcasing treasures from the age of dinosaurs to the technology of the future. The Grand Gallery’s soaring glass atrium and sweeping staircases present a breath-taking backdrop for the Conference Dinner.

You will not only enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of the Museum, but also a sumptuous three course dinner and wine.  Following dinner, there will be entertainment.

This evening will be a great opportunity to spend time with friends and colleagues, foster new relationships and discuss your SPNHC & ICOM NATHIST 2020 experiences!

Collection Tours

Collection Tours will take place in the afternoon of Friday 12 June. For further information click here.

Field Trips

Field Trips will take place on Saturday 13 June. For further information click here.

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