COVID-19 Reassurance Statement

COVID-19 Reassurance Statement

The LOC of SPNHC 2022 have received questions relating to health and safety protocols and Covid-19 for the safety of all attendees at our conference in Edinburgh in June 2022.  Our policy is available on the conference website and includes linked information setting out what to do if you tested positive for Covid-19 while at the conference, the number of days you are expected to isolate etc.  Please be aware that the situation is constantly evolving, so some information is provided as links to enable us to keep it up to date.

We have been asked if we could make it mandatory for attendees to be vaccinated.  While the committee wholly endorses the approach that all attendees are vaccinated, this is something that we are unable to police, and therefore can not make it mandatory.  In all instances we are following current government guidance and assure you that all necessary precautions will be in place to ensure your safety.  Precautions include the expectation for attendees to wear a face covering indoors unless exempt or eating and drinking.

Edinburgh First have implemented a number of Covid-safe protocols to ensure your safety including:

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising all high touchpoints
  • Hand sanitising units are available throughout the venue at key locations
  • Food and drinks will be served by staff, and will not be self-service
  • Air handling units will be set up to prevent any recirculation of air and only supply fresh air
  • Toilets will be checked and cleaned on an increased basis throughout the event.

We ask that all attendees are considerate and respectful of others needs and wishes which may not mirror their own.

We recommend that all delegates take out the necessary travel insurance prior to travel, there are now a number of policies that include Covid-19 cover.

We would also like to reassure you that if anyone attending the conference does test positive for Covid-19, the LOC will provide them with direct support and guidance through the necessary steps to take.

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